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NexWave Digital Wireless is a division of General Communications, Inc.

NexWave Digital Wireless is a division of General Communications, Inc.

NexWave is a registered trademark of General Communications, Inc.




Know where your vehicles are at all times with a fleet tracking system that combines GPS with wireless technology to give you data in near real-time.


· Keep in constant contact with drivers 

· Track vehicle performance at the individual and fleet level 

· Boost employee productivity 

· Reduce fleet administrative overhead 

· Optimize fleet efficiencies 

NexWave's GPS Service offers GPS fleet management solutions to help manage your fleet of vehicles.  Whether your fleet is public or private, small, medium or large, our GPS Service drives more efficient ways of working that keep you moving forward.  Contact a NexWave sales representative for more information and to setup a free demostration.

Monitor a wide range of engine functions such as battery voltage, coolant temperature, and emissions to determine if the vehicle is having a problem and needs to be serviced.


· Monitor the health of every vehicle 24/7 

· Receive engine diagnostic trouble code alerts to identify problems 

· Monitor MPG and idle time to improve fuel efficiency 

· Use odometer reading alerts to schedule preventitive maintenance 

· Reduce overtime hours and labor costs 



Fleet maps allow you to manage your fleet with near real-time data in satellite, hybrid and street map views.


· Track the location of vehicles in route 

· Monitor vehicle data including speed, direction and odometer reading 

· Use landmarks to route vehicles more efficiently 

· Use geofences to track vehicle movement in and out of prohibited areas 

· Integrate with Esri® ArGIS® GeoEvent Processor to overlay map and fleet management data 

Get an inside look at a driver's behavior and a vehicle's condition. Receive notifications of problems in near real-time.


· Vehicle health - Reports an engine or vehicle problem 

· Vehicle maintenance - Identifies when vehicles need servicing 

· Odd hours - Monitors vehicle use beyond preset times and locations 

· Speeding - Provides instant notification of speeding violations 

· Idling - Notifies managers of excessive vehicle idle time

· Geofence - Identifies when vehicles enter or exit predetermined areas on the map


No Cost Roadside Assistance

Monitor a specific vehicle, groups of vehicles, or the entire fleet. Assess operating costs and the effectiveness of routes. Identify which vehicles are being overused or underused, and check for any fraudulent activity using easy-to-read reports.


· Organize, manage and share data with nearly two dozen customizable reports 

· Schedule reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis 

· Set report parameters to include from one to 360 days of fleet data 

· View detailed reports formats on engine diagnostics, speed, location and more 

· View summary reports to analyze long-term fleet performance trends

Our no cost fleet roadside assistance is there should a vehicle in your fleet break down. When emergency situations arise, it's nice to know that our GPS Service has your drivers taken care of.


· Towing 

· Locksmith services 

· Battery boost 

· Tire change 

· Fuel delivery

· Winch service 

· Providing location of lost or stolen vehicles to police


Asset Tracking

Keep your fleet vehicles well maintained and in top running condition with our fleet preventive maintenance program, Lifecycle Service Management.


· Set proactive reminders for oil changes, tune-ups and other preventive maintenance 

· Eliminate paperwork via online vehicle service tracking 

· Monitor engine diagnostic alerts to prevent roadside breakdowns and minimize repair costs 

· Extend the life of vehicles through proactive maintenance 

· Analyze comprehensive service records to optimize individual vehicle and overall fleet health 

Manage every asset in your fleet more efficiently and effectively with Asset Guard.


· Know precise location of all fleet assets 24/7 

· Easily locate and manage high-value assets 

· Facilitate fast, efficient movement of assets in the field 

· Access data to optimize asset utilization