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NexWave Digital Wireless is a division of General Communications, Inc.

NexWave Digital Wireless is a division of General Communications, Inc.

NexWave is a registered trademark of General Communications, Inc.


Dispatchers can speed up and monitor messages and status updates with Kenwood's KAS-10 software. Easily send addresses, door codes or any other pertinent information via this software right from your computer. If you step away from your desk you can quickly scroll through any messages you missed when you return. You can send a canned/stored message or type a custom message from the same screen. Improving and speeding up your workflow can help deliver a better customer experience.



We use state of the art Kenwood digital repeaters to provide the best voice and data transmission possible. Built in security like NXDN technology and forward error correction with noise reduction technology make this an inherently secure network right out of the box.


Kenwood has a long history of providing equipment that stands the test of time. With one of the lowest repeater failure rates in the industry you can rest assured knowing our network will be their when you need it.




We strategically locate our towers to provide the best coverage while limiting excessive overlap.  We invest a lot of time in planning every step making sure we are investing wisely helping us to keep our prices the lowest in the Midwest.


We are continually looking to grow our network to provide the coverage were you need it.  You can view our current coverage area by clicking here. If you have any questions about whether or not we can provide you coverage simply contact one of our sales representatives anytime.

Not only do we protect your communications over the air but we also strive to provide the most secure IP network.  We are always looking at ways to enhance our IP network protection.  We have recently completed the upgrade to a private IP network making it the most secure Digital Wireless network in the Midwest.  With our continued effort to add more and more online services we will always strive to maintain a strong and secure network.

Having all this technology means absolutely nothing if you don't have the support to back it up.  Let's face it, at some point we will have a failure of a piece of equipment on our network. Having dedicated system engineers and support technicians to respond to every issue means we are able to limit down time and get you back on the air fast.  Couple this with radio technicians and an installation staff that's ready to support your business if you should ever develop a problem.  We're here to help, so call us with any issues you may be having.



Sometimes all you need to do is let you're dispatcher know your at the job, at lunch or some other routine message. Using NexWave's canned status messages allows you to quickly let someone know your current status.  Status messaging can help improve your day to day workflow by allowing your staff to notify you of what they're doing or where they are by simply sending a status message and not waiting for a dispatcher to respond. Another nice feature of messages is if someone calls into dispatch several times and doesn't get a response they can send a status message of "Call me" to let the dispatcher know they need assistance.  Status messaging is simple but effective.


Of course you can always send a custom text message if you need to.  You will need a radio with a keypad or a mobile microphone with a keypad to send custom messages.