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NexWave Digital Wireless is a division of General Communications, Inc.

NexWave Digital Wireless is a division of General Communications, Inc.

NexWave is a registered trademark of General Communications, Inc.


The Sonetics wireless headset system offers a complete solution for effective communications in demanding conditions. Rugged and reliable headsets offer full-duplex communication with hearing protection and superb noise-canceling microphone technology. The portable intercom system interfaces with our NexWave digital Wireless service allowing your staff to communicate back to the office or to another team at another location. Most systems come complete with all the headsets, ComHub and chargers needed.  Contact one of our support specialists to discuss how a Sonetics wireless headset system can benefit your company.

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The video below illustrates how the Sonetics work team system can benefit your company and improve safety along with efficiency.


DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. DECT is a certified standard in 110 countries that millions of users rely on daily for secure voice communications. Transmissions are digitally encrypted to ensure the security of your voice communication. On top of the security features, DECT won't step on other signals. It automatically searches to ensure the cleanest channel. This is why it is the clear leader over Bluetooth and cell phones.

Below is a sample configuration of how one or two wireless headset systems might be setup. This illustrates the local communication over the ComHub as well as the integration to our NexWave digital wireless system.